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Let Us Take the Stress, Confusion, and Guesswork Out of Your Real Estate Investment Experience.

We believe investing should be both fun and rewarding for investors.

But after years of managing properties for thousands of investors, we found out that their initial experience sourcing, 谈判, 勤奋, and closing were anything but ‘fun’ or ‘rewarding!’ And the truth is that most out-of-state investors don’t have a solid plan around how to…

  • 设定目标 & determine their ideal markets
  • 创建一个紧凑的购物盒
  • Locate the best deals with boots-on-the-ground experts
  • Secure the property with a contract
  • Thoroughly inspect the property
  • 关闭
  • Find a well-qualified resident
  • 管理长期

So they constantly spin their wheels with less-than-qualified agents, 承包商, 物业经理.

If it goes far enough, they even 买错了房子! And that throws them into more trouble, 混乱, 和痛苦, and can even crush their dreams of building a passive income portfolio that will one day outpace their active income.

This is why we created a straightforward process for the busy professional who wants to take advantage of our expert, boots-on-the-ground team to build a passive portfolio.



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